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All businesses begin the same way, with an idea, a dream or a vision.  Usually, every business goes through the same phases of start up, growth, maturity and decline. Many businesses will be profitable, but unfortunately many will not.

Small to medium business owners spend most of their time working in their business facing the day to day challenges of running a business.  Many do not have the time or the resources, and in some cases the experience, to spend working on their business.  Creating a profitable business means taking the time to step back from the day to day issues; it requires planning, assessment and action.
Successful businesses understand that working on the business is an investment in the business.

Keys to success

  • Is your hard work delivering you a profitable business?
  • These are the things every profitable business does, and does well:
  • Develop a unique proposition
  • +
  • Plan from the beginning to the end
  • +
  • Manage cash flow effectively

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